For Science!

Our framework accelerates research.

We collaborate with academic researchers and apply our technology to their problems to demonstrate our capabilities, accelerate state-of-the-art research, and solve difficult problems facing humanity and the environment. Excerpts from some of our published and upcoming works are available below.

Upcoming Whitepaper Abstract

Alternative protein companies are growing now more rapidly than ever, labs are looking for tools to scale up their processes and optimize product yield. Traditional research and development at the bench may take a long time to see small improvements in results. A simulated computational approach from FrankenTech allows research labs to model a biological system, at any level ranging from environmental inputs to protein expression pathways, to manipulate with different inputs. In this workflow, FrankenTech delivers tools to companies, drastically improving their optimization strategy and reducing troubleshooting time through a client- or user-focused approach to generate hypotheses about which concentration of glucose to feed cells, or which genomic design will generate the most product.

Commercial food production has been changing at one of the fastest paces in its 80 year history since the implementation of factory farms, thanks to the introduction of cell culture techniques to grow animal cells in vitro for human consumption (Swartz 2020). Improvements for bigger bioreactors and stronger vector design, with no aberration, has driven huge growth in cell culture techniques.

Overview Keynote Presentation

The original presentation whereby the APES framework was described and business case for FrankenTech laid out. It was delivered at Chicago Machine Learning to a crowd of dozens of machine learning engineers and researchers, who posed insightful questions and received satisfying answers.

Framework Keynote

An overview of our framework, the business case for it, and relevant technological trends.

Upcoming Whitepaper

Bigger bioreactors, better genetic vectors, and cell culture techniques for growing animal tissue in-vitro are transforming commercial food production.

Saving our Reefs!

Discovering the causes of and solutions to coral bleaching by applying APES to the metabolism