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Be first. First to file a patent to protect your IP. First to get regulatory approval to sell your product. First to go to market to build a brand customers like and trust. First to scale production to grow market share and become profitable. First to reach terminal investors and finally exit. Hire us to accelerate your research with our new science-and-software consulting framework and be first.

Accelerated Research

Science is a trial-and-error cycle of deriving a hypothesis from your model, testing your hypothesis with an experiment, and reworking or replacing your model based on its results. Doing that last step by hand can take weeks, halting the entire cycle and amounting to months-long project delays after just a few cycles, but our framework uses automated machine learning guided by our scientific expertise to do it in just one day.

Our Framework

Our framework combines science and software into three steps: fit, tune, and test. First, we fit a model to your data with automated machine learning software. Then, we tune the fitted model to do what you want with optimization software. Both softwares are so fast that we can deliver the fitted, tuned model the same day you request it. You can then derive a hypothesis, test it with an experiment, and return your results to us to get another model instead of developing and tuning one yourself for weeks. We are scientists who developed this framework to help other scientists: we will understand your problem and the work you do to solve it and guide our software with the expertise needed to generate useful results.

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